National Library of Addictions – Nathaniel Hakim Askia Lifetime Achievement Award

The award, recognizes individuals who dedicate their work and lives to helping people with addictions to drugs and alcohol.

The award is named after Nathaniel Hakim Askia, a man who recovered from heroin addiction in the 1960s and subsequently founded the FIRST Academy, a therapeutic community for recovering addicts in Roxbury, MA. Askia was among the first people to address addictions as a community-based issue. Addiction treatment advocates and treatment providers in particular are traditionally cloaked in anonymity.

Dr. Kishore created the Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award in 2002 as a way to acknowledge the unspoken heroes who often go unrecognized.

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Annual Awards given by the National Library of Addictions

2011 – State Sen. Steven Tolman was honored as the 2011 recipient of the Nathaniel Hakim Askia Lifetime Achievement Award

2010 – Eileen McGrath receives the 2010 Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

2009 –Jim Cuddy receives the Nathaniel Hakim Askia lifetime achievement award

2008 – Jan Mannone receives 2008 Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

2007 – Charles Faris receives Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

2006 – Milagros Rivas – Springfield MA recipient of the Nathaniel Hakim. Askia Lifetime Achievement

2005 – Ms. Hazel Teagan receives Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

2004 – Carl J. Alves of PAACA receives the Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

2003 –David H. Mulligan

2002 – Mary Ann Jurkiewicz recieves the 2002 Nathaniel Hakim Askia Award

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